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Royal sparkling Apple Juice

During the 18th Century, Marie-Antoinette decided to import what she considered to be the best French products to Versailles.

In the royal orchard, among the 3000 different apple varieties, she had only the most refined apple trees planted. It is from these same varieties, the fruit of her work, that we have composed our blend. And it is in her honor that we have baptized it "La Petite Reine" (the little queen).

After several years of research, we wanted to create a product that contains all the luminescence of "Calvados", conjugated with the French "art de vivre" and the spirit of Versailles. A product, both superb and elegant, capable of giving the "Apple" its letters of nobility.

One can first savor its freshness, then its complexity. Around this most subtle of fruits, and its many beneficial virtues, we have worked to conceive an elegant, joyful and festive product. Its delicate bubbles, the signature of La Petite Reine, makes a perfect association for moments of celebration and tasting.

Fresh and floral, the 2013 vintage is now available. We are pleased to be able to share this great product with you.

Nicolas Tretiakow

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